Started out of Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

CLAIR DE LUNE translates to "Moonlight" in French is a common phrase we use meaning shining bright and trusting the vision no matter what. 

Everything started with a few sketches, Today CDL is still working from the same concept... Well, a little bit bigger one though. We used to move stock by bags, Now we move them by crates.The whole fashion thing just came to us naturally, In the beginning we couldn't find what we wanted, so we just had them made.

And over time some people wanted those shirts and then some more... and then a lot more. 

Now all of a sudden the same sketches of clothing we made while being board in detention are being worn by our idols.CLAIR DE LUNE works to stock unique items from visionary designers, all made with the finest materials available. We aren't here to cut costs by working with cheap fabrics, We only make what we would wear. Period.

You won't find CDL in wholesale stores, we are keeping it exclusive & forever changing, one step ahead of the game, removing the middle man.